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When Surrendering to Hepatitis C Leads Us to Wholeness

Hepatitis C PathI love the cover of my new book, Hepatitis C Treatment One Step at a Time. It is comforting to me when I think about hepatitis C treatment as a journey for which there is a clear path. Comforting that is, until I am in the midst of it.

Humans seek comfort, and I am no exception. However, longing for comfort when one is in pain has a way of intensifying the feelings. For instance, having hepatitis C may be distressing, but if I can’t abide by the truth of this, I will feel even worse. The only remedy I know for this distress is to surrender.

However, who wants to surrender? Isn’t that like giving up? Well, no. It is about acknowledging what is. It is a reference point. Writing about surrender, the Buddhist master Chögyam Trungpa said, “Surrendering does not involve preparing for a soft landing; it means just landing on hard, ordinary ground, on rocky wild countryside, Once we open ourselves, then we land on what is.”

Hepatitis C Treatment One Step at a Time is my attempt to make hepatitis C treatment a bit easier. However, the truth is that hepatitis C treatment is like landing on hard, ordinary ground, or on rocky wild countryside. It isn’t easy. It is, however, doable. Hundreds of thousands of us have completed hepatitis C treatment, some more than once. I know of people who have done treatment more than five times. It all starts with surrendering.

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