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What If? Using Your Imagination for Health

What if you imagine something positive?

Last week I wrote about a fleeting moment of anxiety when I wondered, “What if this headache is a brain tumor?” We all have these ‘what if’ moments. We may not even realize that we are having them. What if that car behind me doesn’t stop in time? What if this pain in my knee means I’ll need knee replacement? What if I don’t get enough sleep tonight.  These aren’t exactly the healthiest, most positive possibilities.

I think these kinds of ‘what ifs’ are just a misuse of our imagination. It takes just as much energy to invent positive, empowering ‘what if’ scenarios, as it does to imagine negative ones. So, here are some ‘what ifs’ to try:

  • What if I add in 5 more minutes of physical activity every day?
  • What if I stop eating sugar one day a week?
  • What if I go to bed earlier every night for a week?
  • What if this indigestion is an opportunity to look at my eating habits?
  • What if I ask my friends if they have a doctor they like, and see if that doctor is taking new patients?
  • What if I eat extra vegetables?
  • What if I skip the news one day a week?
  • What if exercise is fun?
  • What if I advocate for better health practices, such as those proposed by the One and Only Campaign?
  • What if I start living my life bravely?

What are your ‘what ifs’? Does your imagination serve your health or serve your worry?

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