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Tips for Managing Hepatitis C Treatment

Finishing April’s Thursday humor theme with some tongue-in-cheek suggestions to help you through hepatitis C treatment:

Tongue-in-cheek Tips for Managing Hepatitis C Treatment

Tongue-in-cheek tips for Managing Hepatitis C Treatment

  • Do not attempt more than one task at a time. For instance, do not drive while talking on a mobile phone, walk and chew gum, or carry on a conversation while dicing vegetables.
  • Don’t dice vegetables. Buy them already cut up at your grocery store.
  • Practice saying, “I meant to do that.” This offsets embarrassment when performing mindless acts, such as getting in to a strange car in a parking lot (which I did).
  • Avoid reality T.V. and the news. Some patients report feeling irritable during treatment. The news and prime time television can be especially irritating. Confine television to classic comedy shows such as Seinfeld, Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore, and Dick Van Dyke.
  • Do not store tubes of ointments in the vicinity of toothpaste. It only takes a minor lapse in concentration before you might find yourself brushing your teeth with anti-itch ointment. Additionally, toothpaste does not relieve skin rash.
  • If you drink the recommended amount of water, always know where the closest restroom is at all times.
  • Establish priorities. If beauty is more important than treatment, then interferon and ribavirin may not be for you. Dry skin, injection site redness, and a little hair loss are not very attractive. However, neither is liver disease.
  • Do not expect to lose weight while on treatment. Combination treatment with interferon and ribavirin is not a reliable diet plan. For those who want to lose weight, if you are lucky enough to shed some pounds, it will very likely return quickly when you are celebrating your completion of therapy.
  • Do not plan on using your accumulated sick leave for catching up on your television shows. Many patients report that the new treatments are easier to tolerate. Some patients never miss a day of work.
  • When all else fails, laugh.
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