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The Hilarious Liver

Some people celebrate their birthdays for an entire month. I’d rather celebrate April Fool’s Day for 30 days. One day of humor is just not enough for me. Here is today’s offering…

liver regeneration

I am signaling the liver to regenerate

For years, I’ve been trying to bring humor to hepatitis C and liver disease. I mentioned to a family member (and two-time kidney transplant recipient) that I was running out of funny things to say. “There are only so many funny things you can say about the liver and hepatitis,” I explained. “That’s weird,” she replied, “Because end-stage renal disease is hilarious.” (Actually, what she said was, “That’s weird, because end-stage renal disease is hilaaaaaaaarious.”)

I think she was being sarcastic. Maybe the liver is intrinsically funnier than the kidneys. After all, the liver has the Hippo signaling pathway in regeneration.  It is pretty funny imaging a Hippo signaling…

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