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Something that Hurts More than Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is as real as the spinning earth

Hepatitis C is as real as the spinning earth

For two weeks, I have been thinking about a blog someone wrote about hepatitis C. The blogger posted a piece by an investigative journalist who believes that hepatitis C is a hoax. The “journalist” has an impressive stream of credentials, including a Pulitzer Prize nomination. However, upon further research, it appears he nominated himself for the Pulitzer.

I’ve agonized over whether to blog about this. His words hurt and enraged me, and if I shared them, would they hurt readers or help them? In the end, I made the decision to write about this, but to omit direct links to the piece. I find the allegations so preposterous that I don’t want to dignify them by increasing the number of visits to this clearly ridiculous opinion. I am sad this journalist has not spent time in the shoes of the millions of people with hepatitis C, or witnessed the mounting deaths, the ruined lives, the broken dreams, and the relentless attempts to be cured.

The reason I am discussing this is because forewarned is forearmed. Perhaps you can think about how you would react if someone told you that hepatitis C isn’t real.

My first reaction after reading this bizarre opinion was to respond. However, I try to practice restraint of pen and tongue, so I did nothing for a few days. I realized that trying to convince this person that hepatitis C is real was much like trying to convince someone who believes the world is flat that the world is round. When opinions are obviously irrational, it is irrational on my part to try to have a rational dialog about it.

I must admit, that initially I had a few unkind fantasies about this journalist, such as wising hepatitis C on him. In the end, I decided to not let him take up any more space in my head. Instead, I am focusing on the deep gratitude I have to be part of a community of others who know that hepatitis C is real; a community that is strong despite feeling otherwise, that helps others, and spreads hope.

Also, I am thinking about nominating myself for a Pulitzer and a Nobel. These would look great on my resume.

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