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Social Media Legacy: Do Your Words Stand the Test of Time?

What words will you leave behind?

I learned that a friend was dying. So, rather than pester people with inquiries for updates, I went to my friend’s Facebook page. Social media are often places we turn because these tools serve many purposes. In this case, I was looking for information. I read the posts. People expressed their love, concern, dismay, and support.

Then my friend died and I looked at his last post. Consistent with his nature, it poked fun at an elected official with whom he disagreed. It would be his last Facebook page, and may quite live on forever.

It made me wonder about what kind of legacy I wanted to leave. If I were to die right now, will my posts, blogs, and words reflect the thoughts I want to be in cyberspace forever? Click here for information about what happens to social media accounts after you die and how to create a digital estate plan.

What words do you want to live on forever?

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