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Ranting About Hepatitis C Care

stethoscopeI’d be wealthy if I had a dollar for every time someone with hepatitis C complained about their medical care and wrote, “Sorry to be ranting, but I am so frustrated.” My reply is, “Stop apologizing. It’s OK to rant. Please everyone, rant away. Get it out of your system.”

When you are done ranting, I hope you open your heart back up and let in the rest of the truth. Having worked in health care, I will say that from the patient’s viewpoint, it does appear that medical professionals are insensitive. We don’t listen. We can be dismissive. Yes, we earn our tainted reputations.

What you may not know is that behind the scenes, doctors and nurses are harried and frustrated. Their arms are tied by insurance companies and red tape. The health care system is bloated by bureaucracy and short on support for doctors to be able to deliver genuine care. Providers are scared for their patients. They are overworked and can’t get a minute to pee or eat lunch, and by the time they see their patients, they may have watched someone die, or had a battle with insurance, or had a fight with their spouse because they are never home.

That is not an excuse for insensitivity, but since everyone is human, it means that medical personnel are not exempt from failing to live up to our expectations.

It helps me to go to my appointments with an open, honest heart. I expect my doc to be a partner. He or she is working for me and with me. If a doctor doesn’t respond in kind or respect me, then it is time to move on. I give my doctor more than one chance, but if he or she fails me on the second or third try, then I look for another doctor. I need to know that my life is safe in my doctor’s hands, and if I can’t trust them with minor stuff, I certainly can’t when it matters.

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