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Lucinda Porter’s Hepatitis C Talk at TEDxGrass Valley

Named Top Social HealthMaker in Hepatitis C by Sharecare. Click here for Sharecare’s press release.

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filagree KUDOS Click here to read what people are saying about Lucinda’s books. Click here to read Publishers Weekly Review for Hepatitis C Treatment One Step at a Time (September 16, 2013) Click link to read review of Free from Hepatitis C Library Journal Review (scroll to 2nd entry, February 24, 2012) “I especially enjoy reading articles by Lucinda Porter – they are informative and pertinent.” -An HCV Advocate Reader “Please say thank you to Lucinda Porter for me and for all of us. I really do enjoy her columns and it’s nice that she has done this for us all.” -An HCV Advocate Reader THUMBS UP – “The April 5 ‘Other Voices’ contribution by Lucinda Porter put a smile on my face on a gray morning. As far as I’m concerned, The Union could hire her as a regular columnist right now.”- Richard Johnson, Grass Valley, published in The Union, April 11, 2007 Interview from The Union July 24, 2007 The Union: Other Voices Essay