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The truth is I balked at the suggestion of creating a Hepatitis C Pinterest board. However, I decided that if I am going to commit to this monthly challenge, then I might as well do it right.

Keeping an open mind never fails me, and in this case, it unlocked a cascade of ideas. Once I got started on Pinterest, a flood of images floated in. I chose more than the recommended three. Here is why I chose them:

1)     My book cover – The title, Free from Hepatitis C is my vision for the world. Freedom is my stance in life, particularly freedom from fear.

2)     I included a photo of the hepatitis C virus. I figured that people would want to know what the microorganism looks like, especially since it has taken hostage of millions of livers in the United States and beyond.

3)     Naturally, a hepatitis C pinboard would include an image of the liver, the largest internal organ in the human body. (The skin is the largest organ, but it is external.)

4)     I pinned a bird on the board—a hepatic tanager to be exact. The word hepatitic refers to the liver. I also included it because birds represent freedom.

5)     The hepatitis C awareness ribbon is on my board, along with the Keep Calm and Get Tested poster from the April 9 post.

Who knew that hepatitis C was so visual? Click here to view my hepatitis C board.

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