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Beyond New Year Resolutions: Good Things Come in Small Packages

new year resolutions

Can you tell your story in 6 words?

Although I rarely make new year resolutions any more. They rarely work and when they do, they usually last for about a day or two.

This year I thought I’d spare the guilt and remorse by setting a different type of goal. What if I did something small and achievable, and didn’t require more than a one time commitment of a few minutes. Surely I could do that.

In my last post of 2016, I suggested that people tell their stories. What if that story was only six words? Yes, just six words.

One of my favorite writing devices is the six-word story. The concept is based on an unconfirmed rumor that Ernest Hemmingway said he could tell a story in only six words. Supposedly he wrote, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

So, here is mine: “Hepatitis C gave me a story.”

Here is a link to more six-word stories: What’s Six?

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