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What Motivates You to Choose Health


My body acts like a child who I promised to take to the playground

E.W. Howe wrote, “A good scare is worth more to a man than good advice.” I wish I could say that I am not motivated by fear, but I’d be lying. Hepatitis C scared me in to health.  Because of hepatitis C, I changed my diet. I started walking every day because of hepatitis C. I developed better sleep habits and stress management skills because of hepatitis C.

Did I practice my new habits ever day or perfectly? No. Did these habits last forever? No. I needed more health scares in order to keep on course.

Occasionally I am motivated to change without being scared into it. When I take time off from practicing good health habits, my body complains. If I ignore my body’s feedback, my body will escalate its complaint. My body acts like a nagging child who I promised to take to the playground. It will nag and whine and remind me it’s there. I can only ignore that child for so long, especially since I made a promise.

What motivates you to make healthier choices? Do you need a good scare or will you listen to good advice? What advice have you been given that you can share with others? I’d love to hear from you.

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