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More Powerful than Hepatitis C

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We cannot live only for ourselves.  A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men. ~Herman Melville

Hepatitis C is a powerful virus, able to replicate a trillion times a day in the liver. This microscopic organism damages the liver, affects our brains, our moods, and disrupts our lives. However, we are made of more than ten trillion cells. Inside each cell is something more powerful that hepatitis C—DNA. DNA carries the code of genetic instructions for every known living organism. Although some viruses carry their codes in DNA, hepatitis C uses RNA to carry its genetic instructions.

Our own DNA is more powerful than hepatitis C. First, DNA is packed with a lot more instructions than are in the RNA of hepatitis C. These instructions help us fight hepatitis C, and sometimes even to respond to certain hepatitis C treatments.

An even more powerful aspect of DNA is that it connects us to each other. Cooperation and the desire to help others is part of our genetic material. It is as if we have zillions of fibers connecting us to a deep desire to preserve life.

As national Hepatitis Awareness Month ends, remember this: We are tightly connected by a common thread, a common cause, and an uncommon strength. Together, we are more powerful than hepatitis C.

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