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Identity Crisis

Image by Ravi Shahi from Pixabay

Motivational speakers sometimes (wrongly) say that the Chinese character for crisis includes the element of opportunity along with danger. Although this appears to be a misinterpretation, I have found that opportunity does often come after a crisis.

I am not in crisis, but I am having a lot of fun shedding my identity. For years, my work gave me purpose. Hepatitis C defined who I was. My R.N. license defined me. Now, I don’t have a regular job. Who am I?

Actually, I don’t really need definition, other than being a person of integrity and compassion. What I mean by that is that I don’t feel attached to any labels. However, if I am going to maintain a website, what is it’s purpose and focus? So far, it seems to be a place to ramble.

I’ve done quite a bit of rambling this week. I turned 66 and decided to try 66 new things this year. I feel curious, adventurous and wild. Nothing is holding me back, other than a 66-year-old body. So, no cartwheels or bungee jumping in my future. However, burpees, planks, long hikes, kayaking and eating oysters are all within reach. I’ve already tried meditating under an oak tree in my yard and went to a film festival. I’ve gone dancing, discovered a new hike, tried two new classes at the gym, and read poetry by poets I’m not familiar with. Today I am going to make risotto for the first time. Learning how to hula hoop is definitely on my list.

As for this website, I think the shape is something that we will do together. On my home page, I wrote that I want to explore the following:

  • What does it mean to be healthy?
  • Can we be in illness, pain, and grief and still be healthy?
  • What are ways we can embrace health, especially when we feel uninspired, lonely, unwell, and out of ideas?
  • Can we talk about death?
  • What are our choices around death?
  • What is fear, and how do we live with it?
  • Are there secrets to life?
  • How do we age well?
  • Can we change, especially when we are older?
  • What does it mean to be fully alive?

Ultimately, what we are exploring is about life and death. These two concepts inhabit the same cell; you can’t have one without the other.

So, come along with me as open the door to wonder. As we travel together, tell me what you discover.

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