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Hepatitis C’s Fifteen Minute of Fame

HepCNewsAlthough I appreciate the wonderful reviews and kind remarks about my new book, Hepatitis C Treatment One Step at a Time, I sure wish there wasn’t a need to write this book. I would gladly trade these fifteen minutes of dubious fame for a world free from hepatitis C.

When is hepatitis C going to get its fifteen minutes of fame? When it makes the news, hepatitis C is relegated to an inside page or a filler. Remember when it was announced that Magic Johnson was HIV-positive? That was front-page news. Many of us were shocked, and we shared this, trying to sort out the implications of Magic Johnson’s HIV status, not least of which was, “If it could happen to him, it could happen to anyone.”

Contrast this with hepatitis C—if someone says he or she has it, this is unlikely to create a stir. Even worse, than this is that not only is it not news if one person has it, it isn’t news that millions have it. This is insane.

Here is something else that perplexes me: when good news doesn’t make the headlines. Hepatitis C treatment is improving with each new regimen. We are on the cusp of fantastic treatments and the only place this is making news is in the investment community. Perhaps we can take a page from the business community and raise the clarion call. It sounds crass, but if the drugs in the hepatitis C treatment pipeline are attractive to those who follow the money, then perhaps that is where the news is. (I know I am going to get emails about this. Full Disclosure: I do not invest in pharmaceutical companies. I need to be able to speak and write without bias. However, I’ve used their drugs, and in that way I am biased enough to say that I believe in hepatitis C treatment.)

Speaking of news, time is running out to submit entries to win a copy of my book. This contest is conducted by Hepatitis C News. Good luck.

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