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Hepatitis C Week 4 Lab Results

[captionpix imgsrc=”http://lucindaporterrn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/4.jpg” captiontext=”Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane /FreeDigitalPhotos.net”] Although I am in my fifth week of a hepatitis C clinical trial, I just received my week 4 viral load—nondetectable. (For those who don’t know what this means, I am free of hepatitis C). This does not mean this is a permanent cure, but it is the most evidence I have to hang my hopes on.

Since I am active in the hepatitis C community, I have been quite transparent about my life as a person living with hepatitis C. I am on my knees with gratitude for all the many loving, supportive notes of congratulations. Never have I been more convinced of the value of community. Hepatitis C gave me this, and although I gladly will part from this virus, my connection with you is far deeper. Thank you all.

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  • Lewis Teixeira April 11, 2013, 11:24 PM

    Happy for you Linda.

  • Barbara Drumm April 14, 2013, 4:03 AM

    I am checking off the weeks on my calendar. Best news ever. Congratulations.

    • Lucinda Porter, RN April 14, 2013, 9:16 AM

      Thanks! Your support makes a huge difference. I feel like I have a cheerleader squad with me.

  • Cristina Saich April 19, 2013, 2:36 PM

    this is excellent news Lucinda!