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Hepatitis C-related Cirrhosis has Doubled in 14 Years

When I began my work as a hepatitis C advocate in 1997, I learned that if we don’t find a cure for hepatitis C soon, the consequences would be dire. Well, we have a cure for hepatitis C, and the consequences are still dire because we aren’t diagnosing and treating enough people. The prevalence of hepatitis C-related Cirrhosis has doubled in 14 Years. The hepatitis C death rate continues to rise, outranking HIV since 2007 for number of lives claimed.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this graph is a book:



It’s a book of lives lost. Lives changed. Of grief and pain. Mothers, fathers, siblings, children, friends, and activists…sick or dead.

What will it take to stop this madness?

In two weeks, I am going to Washington, D.C. to lobby with other hepatitis C activists for Hepatitis on the Hill. Stay tuned to find out ways you can help.

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  • Gretchen Miller February 25, 2016, 3:28 PM

    The cost and availability of healthcare makes a huge problem for many with hep c. People who are financially on the edge are not going to concern themselves with healthcare at all, let alone treatment, until they are so damaged that they can no longer function. I have personally seen several people die painfully simply because they lived hand to mouth and had no money to ‘waste ‘on doctores. Others who have suffered with various illnesses for years died of liver related ailments. I have no idea how savvy their doctors were. There is a great deal of ignorance, even among medical doctors. I was told that women only could get hep c from sexual contact, that it was not blood to blood. This was from a colon specialist. Clearly I did not seek further treatment with this individual. Bad enough we have a healthcare crisis. Worse to have doctors who are ignorant of basic facts.

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