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Hepatitis C Made Me Quiver

Some people celebrate their birthdays for an entire month. I’d rather celebrate April Fool’s Day for 30 days. One day of humor is just not enough for me. Here is today’s offering…

I have no idea why I think of these things, but I thought it would be fun to list the words that rhyme with liver, an exercise that led to this hepatitis C-related poem. I tried to include all the words on the list, taking liberty with the last word. Can you think of any words I missed?

quivering with hep C

Hepatitis C made me quiver

Bilious Rhyming about a Biopsy 

The doctor took a sliver of liver;

it felt like a river

and it made me quiver;

I am not much of a giver

when it comes to my liver;

niver again…

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  • Rick Nash April 24, 2015, 12:52 PM

    There are two offhand i could think of, and then near rhymes like sure and her.

    De Foie
    The Tension ‘for the news they’d deliver
    Read the results, and i started to shiver
    Said twice to be sure
    zero, zero said her
    So get well and heal up that liver.

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