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Hepatitis C and the New Year

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People have been making New Years’ resolutions as far back as the Romans. Nearly half of all adults make resolutions. While I am not sure what Romans were resolving (no reading while driving a chariot?), I do know that most New Years’ resolutions are health-related.

Contrary to popular myth, resolutions are often successful. According to John Norcross, author of Changeology, 40% – 44% of New Year resolutions are successful after six months. People who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to change than those who don’t make resolutions.

Like many, my New Years’ resolution was health-related. However, I have added a goal to my resolution, which is to spread this message: All Baby Boomers need to be tested for hepatitis C. If we can quickly reach this group of people born in the years 1945 through 1965, we can avoid more than 200, 000 cases of cirrhosis and 121, 000 deaths.

Can you imagine a better resolution than one that can save lives? Please join me in this goal.

Wishing You a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful New Year.


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