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Hepatitis C and the 2012 Liver Meeting

When I attend the annual Liver Meeting (a meeting of people, not livers), I jot down notes, either new information, old info that needs reinforcing, or something I want to be sure to share with my readers. Here are random notes about hepatitis C treatment from the 2012 Liver Meeting:

Men: Erectile dysfunction drugs sildenafil (Viagra, Revatio and other trade names) and tadalafil (Cialis, Adcirca)  are contraindicated while taking telaprevir (Incivek).  Prolonged erection may occur. Despite the fact that this may sound desirable, prolonged erection is painful and potentially dangerous.

Did you know that 56% of patients taking telaprevir (Incivek) get some sort of rash? Approximately 4% develop a serious, potentially life-threatening skin reaction. Deaths from this side effect have been reported.

The most common current hepatitis C debate is, treat now or wait? Here is an argument for treatment now: Patients with cirrhosis have twice the number of adverse events as people who do not have cirrhosis.

New addition to the telaprevir (Incivek) official prescribing information: Hematology evaluations (including hemoglobin, white cell differential, and platelet count) and chemistry evaluations (including electrolytes, serum creatinine, uric acid, hepatic enzymes, bilirubin, and TSH) are recommended prior to and at weeks 2, 4, 8 and 12 and as clinically appropriate.

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