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Hepatitis Awareness Month

Some people celebrate their birthdays for an entire month. I’d rather celebrate April Fool’s Day for 30 days. One day of humor is just not enough for me. Here is today’s offering…

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month

Today is the last day of my month of liver levity, and tomorrow marks the beginning of Hepatitis Awareness Month. The goal is to increase public awareness about viral hepatitis, but the term hepatitis awareness sounds as if we are trying to make our hepatitis more aware.

A militaristic coach might say, “Come on you virus, open your eyes. Look around you and straighten up.” A Zen teacher would say, “Let go of the past. There is no future. There is only hepatitis.” A Kung Fu master would counsel, “Follow the path of the Tao, little grasshepper.”

Note: In honor of Hepatitis Awareness Month, each day in May I will be posting tips for increasing hepatitis C awareness to my other blog at Hep. Hope you will join in and help us reach the millions of Americans who do not know they have hepatitis C.

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