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Healing Hepatitis C

[captionpix imgsrc=”http://lucindaporterrn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/stairs.jpg” captiontext=”Image courtesy of Marcus/FreeDigitalPhotos.net”] I am tempted to write an April Fool’s Day post, something outrageous and clearly foolish, but I’ve done enough clowning around this month. My April Healthwise column (How to Talk to Us) in the HCV Advocate and my Hepatitis Comics website satisfied my mischievous streak. April Fool’s Day is precious to me as I love humor, and practice it to improve my health.

I was hoping to have week 4 labs to report, but the hepatitis C study coordinator has not reported results to me. (Study labs are shipped to central locations and are much slower to report results.) I could be more proactive, but instead I am practicing patience. The results aren’t going to tell me anything I need to know – if my hemoglobin was too low, I’d know because I would not be able to walk up the stairs let alone attend my regular Jazzercise class (more accurately described as my “flap my arms class). I know that my hemoglobin has dropped because I only tackle one flight of stairs willing and have fallen in love with elevators.

As for my hepatitis C viral load, either I am detectable or I am not. Knowing just satisfies my curiosity. However, there is a risk in having one’s curiosity satisfied. I can imagine that I non-detectable, but if lab results contradicted this, then I would have to grasp a different reality. Sometimes it is better to live with my illusions.

I am living in the moment, staying active, resting a bit more, sleeping well, rash-free, and bursting with gratitude for the opportunity to be healing from hepatitis C.

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