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Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgivingThere is always room for gratitude. I learned this watching people who have a lot less than I do or more burdens and challenges than I do. I have seen joy in the hearts of people in situations that to me seem quite desperate. They have taught me to live life on life’s terms and to focus on the positive.  My energy follows my attention, so if I want my energy to stay lively, I need to focus on whatever keeps my lively. This is how I lived with hepatitis C for twenty-five years and since this tactic worked well, I continue to practice it.

At night, I write down people and circumstances for which I am grateful. I include you on my list. I hope gratitude occupies your heart, today and for all the days to come. Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you. If you live in a country that doesn’t observe this sweetest of traditions, fee free to observe it anyway. We can’t say thank you too often.

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