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Freedom from Worry

What if something is really wrong?

Worry has to be the most useless concept ever. Well, maybe chia pets top the list, but worry costs more.

Trying not to worry is like trying to stop a hurricane. However, although we can’t stop a hurricane, we can be free of worry if we learn to redirect our thinking.

I call it ‘sabotaging worry.’ This simple practice transforms negative thoughts in to positive ones. Specifically, the thoughts that say, “What if?”

We all have “What if?” thoughts. What if this lump is cancer? What if I can’t pay this bill? What if my partner is late because he got in to an accident? And most of the time, the what ifs never materialize.

What ifs are odd since most of us tend towards negative thoughts rather than positive ones. Rarely do we think, What if this lump is just a lump? What if I have extra money thins month? What if my partner is late because he’s getting flowers for me?

I think that worry is a failure of imagination. What ifs can be a useful tool for transformation.  What if I chose life-affirming what ifs? For instance:

  • What if I add in 5 more minutes of physical activity every day?
  • What if I stop eating sugar one day a week?
  • What if I go to bed earlier every night for a week?
  • What if I ask my friends if they have a doctor they like, and see if that doctor is taking new patients?
  • What if I skip the news one day a week?
  • What if I replace worry with gratitude?
  • What if I start living my life bravely?
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