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Finding the Sacred in Hepatitis C

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By being what we are…by attuning our own yearning to the lonely holiness in this world, we will aid humanity more than by any particular service we render. ~ Abraham Heschel

Sometimes is feels like hepatitis C is consuming me; other times I feel determined to live like I am invincible to this virus. From time to time, I’ll throw myself into helping others, as if this will distract me from the aches, pain, and fear that occasionally crop up. There is an unhealthy tinge to this, because when I speed up in a do-gooder frenzy, what I really need most is to slow down, or to stop. To stay whole, I must dive into the yearning, the pain, the messy, crappy stuff that hepatitis C brings me. Here in the muck is where I will find holiness, because after all, isn’t that where we all end up? Here is where we all meet, and like seeds planted in compost, we grow.

Serve others by being who you are, where you are, as you are. Nothing more is asked of you.

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