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Earth Day and Hepatitis C

Miscellaneous 018All the seasons run their race in this quiet resting place… ~ Austin Dobson, “A Garden Song”

Hepatitis C is running its race, but so are you. Like the tortoise in Aesop’s fable, I am more likely to win when racing slowly. It helps me to create something, build something, or plant something. When I place seeds in the ground, I’m not just planting a flower, I am sowing seeds of hope.

You can also plant and cultivate ideas. Nurture these as you would a new seedling; water every day and be sure you give your ideas room to grow. Perhaps your idea is to find ways to get stronger and healthier. Tackle this as you would if you were learning how to garden. Read books, talk to experts, watch “How To” programs. In time, your creation may become a quiet resting place, a respite from hepatitis C.

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