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When Death Comes to the Hepatitis C Community

Edward L Gordon 1/4/48 - 8/9/16

Edward L Gordon
1/4/48 – 8/9/16

We all know we are going to die sooner or later, but most of us hope it is later rather than sooner. Sadly, death came too soon for Ed Gordon, 68, of Santa Cruz, a long-time advocate for people living with hepatitis C.

I met Ed and his wife CN, more than 15 years ago. Ed had liver transplantation surgery in 1998, alive because of the gracious gift of a donor’s family.  Although our paths crossed because he was a patient in the hospital I worked at, it was Ed and CN’s hepatitis C advocacy that forged our relationship. We were cut out of the same fabric, with a deep desire to change the trajectory of hepatitis C’s impact in our world.

Ed’s death leaves a huge hole in the hepatitis C community.  The only way we can fill that hole is to carry on.

Click here for a link to Ed Gordon’s obituary, and here for information about his memorial service.

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