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Dear Me

Today’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge prompt is to write a letter to myself at age 16. Yikes, I would not have listened to anyone when I was 16—not even if I knew it was my future almost sixty-year old self. However, now I will listen to others. I no longer have to learn the hard way (usually); I am happy to change without having to suffer first.

So instead of writing a letter to the past me, I wrote one to the future me and then I posted it at FutureMe. Here’s what I posted:

Dear Me,

I know you want to change the world, but you can only change yourself. How are you doing with this? Are you practicing the #1 rule of health activists, “Take care of your health first”? If so, I am delighted that you remembered. If not, then I want to remind you that your health is a full time commitment.

So, be sure you sleep 8 hours every night, exercise every day, eat a lot of vegetables and a little bit of chocolate. Never, ever drink any alcohol but don’t let this stop you from having a lot of fun. Read juicy novels, travel, and laugh a lot. Meditate, have faith, and breathe your way through difficulties. Avoid difficult people, fast from too much Internet, and give thanks for all that you have, particularly family, friends, and this precious planet.



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