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crossroadsLately, I feel like I am sitting at the crossroads of health, illness, life and death. These four concepts intersect all of our lives. This place provides an invitation to sort out how we are going to confront incredible challenges. Everyone experiences pain, or witnesses its effects in those we love. Some lose children, spouses, best friends. Most of us will live through the death of our parents. All of us will face illness and our own death.

I was ten years old when my first grandmother died. I thought I would die from the grief. Ten years later, my second grandmother died and I felt the same thing. Now that I am in my sixties, I’ve experienced much more death. It feels just as horrible, but experience has taught me that I will get through it.

So it is with illness. I have survived mental illness, hepatitis C, and heart problems. Each taught me how to survive the next thing. Even more important, each taught me how to love life, and live it with zeal.

The end of summer is near, and with it, a small death. There are a few more warm days ahead, but the daylight hours are shrinking, providing a great metaphor for life. How do you plan to spend your Labor Day weekend and the last days of summer? Will you embrace these days, savor them, and live your life with zeal? Or will you die with it?

How many crossroads are you allowed to have in life? I seem to have a lot of crossroads. I think maybe I crossed back across the same road too often.” ~Queen Latifah

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