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Are You Hibernating or Moving?

Are You Hibernating or Moving?

Snow is not an excuse to hibernate.

A recent ad for Under Armour athletic wear caught my eye: “Athletes don’t hibernate.” I was busted. It is cold here. A hard freeze came in; my daily walks went out. I belong to a gym and have no excuse. I have snowshoes which are hanging unused in the garage. But the gray weather and a ton of excuses rolled in, and I lost track of a basic truth: Excuses aren’t good for my health.

It’s hard to keep our commitments. Life happens – we lose sleep because of our kids, parents, or partner; we face illness or economic hardship; we find ourselves way over our heads with too many things going on. Taking time for health can feel like a luxury. Going for a walk seems less likely an option when sleep is also on the line. But sleep and exercise are both energizing, and both are vital. Exercise is a necessity, not a luxury.

I have found that there is no better motivator than to publicly declare I slacked, followed by a commitment to getting back on track. So, today’s blog is short because I am going to lace up my shoes and go for a nice winter’s walk.

What are you willing to do today to take care of your precious health? Let me know how you are doing. Perhaps we can keep on track together.

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