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April Foolery, Hepatitis-style

hepatitis C

When it comes to coping with hepatitis, laughter is better than an apple a day

Tomorrow is my favorite under-observed holiday, April Fools’ Day. Although I feel strongly about human rights, especially the right to health care, I think if I was going to write a manifesto, it would honor humor. Perhaps something like this:

I believe in the pursuit of hilarity. When it comes to wellness, laughter is better than an apple a day. Just in case I am wrong about this, I eat a lot of apples. I also believe in medicine, but I suggest taking a joke book along to survive time spent in the waiting room. If I needed a liver transplant, I would not turn it down hoping that I could laugh myself well. However, I hope I’d find ways to amuse myself without breaking open the stitches.

When I had hepatitis C, I laughed at it. Mirth lightened my liver load. It takes a bit of gall to poke fun at hepatitis. Now I have to be more careful, because laughing when you have hep C is okay; laughing when you don’t have it can be tasteless. Now I laugh at other things, such as getting old, which I am allowed to laugh at now that I am close to my Medicare years.

If you want to laugh some more, here’s a link to humor quotes, sent by a reader (thank you, reader).

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