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A Message of Hope

The last blog post for October’s Liver Awareness month is written by Daryl Luster. Daryl is an amazing activist who has helped countless others cope with hepatitis C. Daryl has gone through treatment and is virus free.  I saved Daryl’s post for last, because he words impart the magical healing properties of hope. He says everything we need to know.

Guest Blogger: Daryl Luster

I was recently in New York City. The last time I visited the city was just a couple of months after I was diagnosed with Hep C. I was not well, and had not been well for years before I was finally diagnosed with HCV. It was a struggle to walk, and for those that have been there, you know that walking is a big part of visiting NYC. It was a struggle to do almost anything that gave me joy, and with my recent news of having HCV, I was feeling particularly down about things. We visited the World Trade Center site, and I was so saddened by that experience that I was nearly in tears. It had been a terrible tragedy, and being there brought it home to me in a very profound way.

When I was there a few weeks back it was a strikingly different experience for me. Although it seems like such a short time ago, I have been through 48 weeks of treatment with Interferon, Ribavarin, and a new drug in a phase two trial. I had finished 20 months before, and I was feeling like a totally different person than I was on my last visit to the city.

We visited the WTC Memorial, as it is now complete. It was moving, and along with feelings of sadness, I felt like there was hope for the future.

Hope is all we have sometimes, in the face of darkness and tragedy.

Serious illness like HCV can rob us of so much if we allow it to take away who we are and who we can be.

Never lose hope.

Daryl is involved in a number of online projects. To read more about him or issues he is working with, go to: Hepatitis C Awareness

Daryl also has posts on: Hepatitis C Haven and maintains a Facebook presence.

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