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A Frightening Hepatitis C Halloween Story

HepC HalloweenRecent news revealed frightening information about hepatitis C—perhaps more people are dying from it than we thought. A lot more than we thought. At Infectious Diseases Week, Reena Mahajan and colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention presented, “Mortality among Persons in Care with Hepatitis C Virus Infection—Chronic Hepatitis Cohort Study (CHeCS), 2006 -2010.”

Analyzing data from a prospective observational study of 2,143,369 adults in the U.S., they found that hepatitis C mortality data may be underreported at 15,000 annual deaths. These data suggest that the national mortality rate of those with HCV could be as high as 75,000 persons per year. Regardless of whether the cause of death was liver-related or not, mortality in hepatitis C-infected persons was 15 years younger compared with the national average in non-hepatitis C infected persons.

Again, when is hepatitis C going to get its fifteen minutes of fame? With a stroke of a keyboard key, hepatitis C deaths may have increased four or five-fold, and have you seen this in the news? This is scarier than any Halloween witch or zombie.

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