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More Random Hepatitis C Notes

Here are more notes I jotted down at the 2012 Liver Meeting in Boston:

For those with hepatitis C and diabetes, there is a 14-fold increased chance of complications from diabetes versus a 4-fold increase in hepatitis C complications.

If you have varices or liver cancer, your medical provider should screen you for hepatic encephalopathy (HE); Mild HE is hard to notice but there are tools your doctor can use for this – early diagnosis of HE is critical.

For post-menopausal women who have fatty liver disease, talk to your doctor about estrogen replacement – this may lower fibrosis. However, not all women can or should take estrogen.

Women’s livers are more likely to be affected by alcohol than men’s livers are.

Fibrosis occurs in men with HCV at twice the speed as it does in women.

70% of liver transplant patients are men.

The five-year survival rate for those with well-compensated cirrhosis is 90%; the ten-year rate is 80%.

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