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Lucinda PorterPraise for Free from Hepatitis C


From the foreword of Free from Hepatitis C: “I wish that every HCV sufferer could experience the sheer joy of living without the virus. You are about to begin a journey with Lucinda that may bring that wish a little closer to reality.”—Alan Franciscus Executive Director, Hepatitis C Support Project Editor-in-Chief, HCV Advocate

A clear and concise guide to HCV by an expert nurse educator. Whether you are a patient with hep C, a family member, a friend, or just want to learn more about the most common bloodborne illness in the U.S., you will find this readable guide essential to navigating the confusing labyrinth of diagnosis and treatment.  A must read…”—Diana L. Sylvestre, MD Executive Director, OASIS Clinic, Co-Author of Healing Hepatitis C 

Free from Hepatitis C is an informative resource written from the unique perspective of a nurse who is both an expert in the field, and a hepatitis C patient who has suffered with the illness. This book is a must-read for patients with hepatitis C, their loved ones and their healthcare practitioner– especially now that treatments have become much more successful and new therapies are on the horizon. I will proudly display Ms. Porter’s book in the reception area of my practice, which is devoted to hepatitis C.”—Melissa Palmer, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Director Hepatology, NYU Hepatology Associates Plainview, Author of Dr. Melissa Palmer’s Guide to Hepatitis and Liver Disease

A GREAT HCV PATIENT RESOURCE I am a Hepatitis C patient who works with many Hepatitis Support Groups all over the Internet, so I am aware of the issues that patients with HCV have to deal with. The first thing that a patient needs is information. Next the patient needs HOPE, that it may be possible for them to cure also. – This book is a wonderful ‘down-to-earth’ resource for both of these things, written by a nurse, who is also a Hepatitis C Patient, and a HCV Advocate. Ms Porter has walked this difficult path, and everyone who has Hepatitis C, or is a HCV patient caregiver should read this very informative book—Free From Hepatitis C.”—Donald E Christ, Patient-Advocate, Yahoo group – HepCWebWarriors

“If you have hepatitis C and are considering treatment, read this book. Free from Hepatitis C provides all you need to know as you travel the path toward being cured.”—Lorren Sandt, Executive Director of Caring Ambassadors Program


Lucinda PorterPraise for Hepatitis C Treatment One Step at a Time


Review from Publishers Weekly September 16, 2013 Registered nurse, health educator, and advocate Porter (Free from Hepatitis C), a long-time hepatitis C specialist, defines the path for hepatitis C patients receiving antiviral therapy and does so with the credibility and compassion of a patient and a comrade-in-arms. The author proffers a day-by-day roadmap for the 48 weeks of Hepatitis C treatment, with daily readings to keep patients motivated, in addition to discussing the background of the disease, explaining treatment options, effects and side effects, and when and what the patient can expect to experience. Throughout the journey, Porter weaves in inspirational quotes from a range of sources, including Confucius and Dolly Parton, and offers daily tips (“When times are tough, recite a favorite prayer or phrase”). Like a Lonely Planet guidebook, this well-written and timely volume will be dog-eared and wrinkled by the end of treatment; likely, too, it will be passed on to the next traveler.

From the foreword of Hepatitis C Treatment  One Step at a Time: “This is a gem of a book, filled with bite-sized pieces of information to step you through the treatment process. It is like a friendly little companion.”—Diana L. Sylvestre, MD Executive Director, OASIS Clinic, Co-Authorof Healing Hepatitis C

“It is possible to cure hepatitis C, without sacrificing your life to its treatment. This book of daily readings will guide you through the process, support you, and inspire you to reach the finish line.”—Christopher Kennedy Lawford, New York Times bestselling author of Recover to Live and co-author of Healing Hepatitis C

“Porter places the hepatitis C treatment into individual steps with insightful comments for daily survival, and provides the tools for individuals to reach the goal of successful treatment. With the evolution of all oral therapies for HCV by 2014 in the US, many parts of this book will be useful for a long time, including the advice on symptom management, advocacy, psychological, and physical preparation, and general health during treatment. Her book has brilliant insights about social preparation and financial integration with thoughtful comments on personalized medicine. Most importantly, she addresses how to overcome internal and external fears of HCV-related diseases and the treatment process. The diary structure allows readers to think about life on a day-to-day basis, and gives each patient the tools to enjoy the moment, overcome their fears, and conquer this disease.”—Robert G. Gish, MD, consultant hepatologist, co-author of The Hepatitis C Help Book

Think of this book as your personal assistant—it will guide you through HCV treatment with facts, expert guidance and inspiration to help you stay the course.”—Alan Franciscus, executive director, Hepatitis C Support Project and editor-in-Chief of the HCV Advocate

“As we make progress in health care and reaching the 3.2 million people in the U.S. who have hepatitis C, patients seeking treatment will need practical tools and genuine hope. This book offers both.”—Henry C. “Hank” Johnson, Jr., U.S. Representative (D-GA), co-chair, Congressional Viral Hepatitis Caucus

“There are many sources of information for patients to learn about hepatitis C treatment. This book is not just another of those resources. Porter’s book not only provides accurate and useful information, it addresses the importance of healing mind, body, and spirit. Through her professional and personal experience with HCV, Porter is a role model for anyone ready to tackle this disease.” —Martha Saly, executive director, National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable

“Lucinda K. Porter is in a unique situation to understand the many aspects of living with hepatitis C, and this book is another generous occasion for her to share her experiences.  Porter encourages patients to empower themselves with knowledge of hepatitis C and the result is a wonderful book.”—Andrew Muir, MD, Duke University

“Hepatitis C treatment is not a walk in the park but with Hepatitis C Treatment One Step at a Time, you have a friend to guide you down the path to living without hepatitis C.”—Lorren Sandt, executive director, Caring Ambassadors Program, Inc.