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Lucinda PorterExcerpt from the Introduction to Free from Hepatitis C

“As both patient and nurse, I’ve observed a great deal about HCV treatment. I pass along these observations to you, in the hope that you might view your journey as more than just treatment—that you see it as an adventure, an opportunity, and a gift. I wrote this book to let you know that hepatitis C is a curable disease, that treatment is manageable, and that you will eventually get your life back. We live in exciting times. With the introduction of new drugs to treat HCV, the door of hope is wide open and a cure is within reach for many HCV patients. If you suffer from this disease, this book can lead you through that door to a life that is free from hepatitis C.”

Lucinda PorterExcerpt from the Preface of Hepatitis C Treatment One Step at a Time

“When I wrote the main body of this book, I did not know that I would be starting my own treatment for hepatitis C. As I write these words, I am experiencing some of what my readers will be facing—side effects, questions, and an unsettled world. This is my third time through hepatitis C treatment, so I may not be feeling as anxious as you are, particularly if you are embarking on treatment for the first (and I hope the last) time. As both a hepatitis C nurse and patient, I have accumulated a mountain of information and tips for successful management of hepatitis C treatment. My first book, Free from Hepatitis C is a guide to help patients through hepatitis C, from diagnosis through treatment.

The book that you are holding in your hands, Hepatitis C Treatment One Step at a Time, is a toolkit packed with daily tips and encouraging words to help you reach the goal of successful treatment. I would describe my first book as a “how-to” manual. This book is more like a coach, telling you how to cope with treatment while suggesting strategies for your success. So here we are, each beginning our journey, separate yet together.

May your road be easy and your side effects light. Most of all, may you reach the finish line safely. The only way to do this is one step at a time. I’ll see you at the finish line!”